About Us

Who are we...

Illinois Environmental Contractors Association (IECA), incorporated in 1991, is an Illinois not-for-profit association representative of the environmental contracting industry in Chicago. Presently, there are more than 70 companies represented in IECA. We believe that collective action through association is the most effective way to deal with the changing demands of doing business.

Our Purpose...

  • To promote the interests of persons and companies engaged in asbestos abatement, lead abatement and/or other activities relating to environmental issues affecting the construction industry;
  • To promote just and equitable treatment in the construction industry through the established Joint Adjustment Board which adjudicates disputes between labor and management.
  • To promote steadiness of employment sand good labor relations within that portion of the construction industry;
  • To promote harmonious relations with other trade associations, government agencies and entities affiliated with the construction industry.

What we do...

  • IECA helps environmental contractors meet their workforce, training and safety needs. Provide educational programs and seminars with up-to-the-minute information.
  • IECA represents industry concerns and works closely with various governmental agencies: Chicago Department of Environment, Cook County Dept. of Environmental Control, Illinois EPA, Illinois Department of Public Health, U.S. EPA, and OSHA.
  • IECA works hand in hand with the Chicago Laborers Union, Local 225, to provide a skilled workforce. Actively involved with establishing the Laborers Apprentice Program through the Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee.
  • IECA members negotiate the collective bargaining agreement on behalf of the environmental contracting industry. IECA ensures that labor costs are kept as low as possible while retaining a skilled workforce. Our members are the standard bearers in the environmental industry.
  • IECA provides timely informational updates via fax broadcasting to keep you informed of the current conditions in our industry.

Membership in IECA

IECA consists of companies that employ Laborers from Local Union 225 and make contributions to the IECA/Asbestos Fund. IECA directs these funds to benefit the entire union environmental contracting industry.

Illinois Environmental Contractors Association
P O Box 132
Clarendon Hills, Illinois 60514
Excective Director Phone: 630-319-1406
Email: chimentilaw@gmail.com